Chairman Word

No doubt that the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step yesterday was the beginning of us as very young company and now we are one of the biggest construction companies in the local and regional market for projects that serve the projects of the electricity sector in the overhead transmission lines the power lines. and power cables and the works of power grids for high, medium, and other special works in the sector of electricity projects.

We look forward to the global market, to keep going that what we started in the local Egyptian and the regional market to start the area of local manufacturing for electrical material Through our aspiration to develop ourselves

We bearing in mind our partners and family of the company's employees to each and every one of its members Investing in human development is the solid ground on which we are based to continue our journey of success.

As our vision of is to measure the satisfaction of our aliens and meet their aspirations and the implementation of projects according to the specifications and high quality and within the limits of the project schedule.

As part of our continuous pursuit of success, we are always looking for new upper unities to increase our activities in both inside and outside our home country. Therefore , we hope that our path will continue to prosper and move forward to continue to prevent the development of national projects and contribute to the prosperity of our country and the region a n a well .

We will identify and retain to best talent in the industry,We are providing safe,exciting and inclusive work environment.